If you’re pitching your own stories to the media, you will do much, much better if you have training from a PR pro and real-time coaching as you send out your pitches.   PR-123 gives you this, and more.

When you sign up for PR-123, I’ll send you a set of clear instructions and guidance on how to write a great pitch, choose your story angle, and follow best practices.  We’ll have a one-to-one call to go over your pitch stories and refine and improve them.  Then, I’ll start sending you targeted leads pulled from my staff’s daily search through 250+ PR leads – we search through every single listing published by HARO, profnet (a paid higher-end lead service), pitchrate, and our own private leads that come straight to us from  journalist friends.

This whole package is yours with a monthly subscription – or an annual subscription at a substantial discount.  Check it out:

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