Internet Catch-Up for Boomers & Beyond Workshop

Are you a Boomer who’s feeling frustrated by the internet or social media?

Does Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, online security, or password management drive you crazy with features or procedures that seem impossible to decipher?

Fellow-Boomer Ann Voorhees Baker understands the frustration, and offers the answers and the tools to help in this one-day workshop on March 23, 2013 at the Jeffrey Bihr Studio in  San Francisco.

Register below, or click here for more info on “Internet Catch-Up for Boomers & Beyond.”

The cost is $97 when you pre-register here; $115 if you pay at the door.

Details of the Workshop

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Many of us born in the 50’s, 40’s, or earlier are carrying a secret shame: We’re not keeping up with the internet! We feel that we’re slipping behind, and we’re perhaps losing ground in keeping connected with family and friends. It’s hard to find a way to catch up; those from Generation Y don’t understand where we’re coming from, and those from our own age group are generally as behind as we are!

Ann Voorhees Baker is a Boomer herself who happens to have always loved, and made a career of, computers, software programs, internet developments, web design, and social media. As such, she’s uniquely situated to bring members of her own age group (and above) “into the light,” so to speak, regarding how to use the internet and social media, maintain privacy and safety, and employ best practices in everything from Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Pinterest, email campaigns, blogging, tweeting, web design, and more.

In her course, “Internet Catch-Up for Boomers and Beyond,” she starts with the nitty-gritty basics – an overview of the internet, common terms and phrases, how to effectively search online, common elements of website navigation, and how to evaluate the trustworthiness of websites. She then shares tools and tips for setting effective passwords, clearing cookies and browsing history, protecting against viruses and phishing, and backing up and protecting files and data. She answers all those annoying questions that plague us about Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and online chat platforms. She also covers online publishing – an area of great interest to those seeking to self-publish an e-book or write a blog with the intention of earning passive income. Finally, Ann shares a large bag of tips, tricks, tools, and resources including how to store files “in the cloud,” safely manage a large collection of personal login information, bank and transfer money online, and use little-known specialized services that help with everything from research, to business communication, to “cheating” at online games!

In this one-day Internet Catch-Up Workshop, Ann squeezes in everything that she teaches in her 12-hour UCLA course by the same name. You’ll come away with a new understanding of the internet as a whole, a clear picture of the most popular social media platforms and how to do all the things you’re supposed to be able to do with them, and a large collection of tools and techniques to help you use the internet with confidence and security.

Date: Saturday, March 23
Place: Jeffrey Bihr Studio in Rockridge – 5390 Miles Avenue, Oakland
Time: 9:30 to 4:30, with a break for lunch. (There are many great restaurants within walking distance of the studio.)
Fee: $97 online registration; $115 at the door
Note: class size is limited so please register early to insure your spot.

Click here for directions to the studio.
Questions? Feel free to email Ann.

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